This series of diptychs explores the idea of the canvas as a metaphor for the artist's body. The disconnected canvases, depicting intertwined bodies, make literal the tension between the psychological desire of the human mind to communicate and the physical limits of the individual body, relative to other bodies.

Working from a series of personal photographs and pornographic images cropped in ways which interrupt the ordinary conception of the body's skin as an uncrossable boundary, I have created a series of images intended to be exhibited together.

In these works, sexual acts and physical closeness serve as a reflection of the desire for mental closeness and communication. Sense organs are prominently featured, as hands and mouths grope and taste blindly.

The small scale of the canvases underscores the importance in this series of skin as a boundary by creating a maximum number of surfaces which might (but fail to) come in to contact with one another. At once connected and disconnected, the bodies in these images dissolve into abstract geometric shapes, icons standing in for an actual touch, even as the canvases stand in for bodies in close proximity to one another.